05 Studio

05 Studio is an emerging lingerie and swimwear brand which got our attention immediately. Their professional attitude is manifested in the completeness of their design. The challenging task of combining functionality with sex appeal is achieved through utilising the most complete design of all - the human body.

Emblematic piece

The performance of Marina Abramovic during her exhibition "The Artist is Present" at MOMA.

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How do you choose the materials you use?

The selection of the materials is a long and careful process. Apart from finding the right colours and textures, it is important to test them before we start production. So it's a mixture of exploration and experimentation before we choose the right material for our designs and begin the process of production.

What's the role of the artist in society?

Artists in all areas of art and design cultivate a sense of aesthetics in society. They inspire and bring beauty to the mundane.


"Artists help us express ourselves and provoke our thinking and the way we perceive the surrounding world."


What is your opinion on copying in fashion, and design as a whole?

We live in a world in which it is extremely hard to make innovations in fashion unless they are technological. Everyone gets inspired by the work of other designers and artists, and it is absolutely normal to incorporate elements from other works. However, it is important to maintain a level of individuality by applying your own understanding and perspective. That is not to say that we approve the audacious replication that some brands are doing.

Is it possible to get an oversaturation of minimalism?

Of course. Minimalism is a trend, which like every other trend will cease to be the dominant sense of aestheticism and at some point, it will be replaced by something else. However, in its essence, minimalism is actually not only a trend but a way of life. The true minimalists are not materially dependent. In other words, they don’t have more items than they actually need or bring them pleasure. In this sense, minimalism will still play an important role in our lives and maybe more and more people will adopt this way of thinking.

Photography: Radina Gancheva


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