tochka & tochka

tochka & tochka Studio are Rada Dicheva - artist, designer, and partner and Kalin Valchev - partner. They create tableware, home accessories and lighting designs in small series and are fascinated by the look and feel of porcelain and the potential that the material has when working in detail. The silhouettes of their products are clean and the attention to detail is key in creating them. See for yourself!


tochka & tochka is a studio and design brand est. 2007

The studio has taken part in the following design forums: Sofia Design Week, Plovdiv Design Week, Viena Design Week, Object Rotterdam.

Some of the past projects of the studio include:

2017 Won a competition by 24Kitchen for a contemporary plate inspired by the Balkan traditions. The plate became part of the advertising vision of 24Kitchen for a culinary show about Balkan cuisine.

2016 Souvenir "I Love Vitosha"/Take Away Sofia - new design for Bulgarian souvenir. Project by Studio Komplekt

2014 Design of a tile based on Chiprovski motifs for the brand SHARKA, a brand for contemporary ceramic tiles

Head designer Rada Dicheva has taken part in many international design forums and has eight solo shows between 1995 and 2018.


Nendo, Studio Formafantasma, Studio Glithero, Moooi, Droog, Tadao Ando, Anish Kapur, Christo.

Emblematic piece

Achille Castiglioni -  Sella stool, Droog design - Chest of Drawers and Clothes Hanger Lamp
 Achille Castiglioni - Sella stool
Through my art...
Rada: For me, art and design are a necessity, a journey. I would like my works to provoke emotion and spontaneity.
What's the role of design in people's lives?
Design is a direction, a chance for aesthetics and function to meet. It is a more accessible opportunity for people to be introduced to art. Design enters people's homes and changes the living environment and via that the people themselves. From this point of view, product design is not just creating an object that looks beautiful but a new cultural level. Good design is art.
Tell us more about the items you have exhibited at Be Duende.
Our studio does interior design, tableware, and accessories. We make these items by ourselves and in small series using porcelain and other ceramic materials. We believe that the excellent knowledge of the material and the precise workmanship contribute to the good result. We create contemporary accents for the interior, lighting, mirrors, utensils, jewellery, and art objects with a clean silhouette and a pure idea.
Favourite piece of yours?
Salt & Pepper Set
Where do you find inspiration?
Nature is highly influential, but inspiration can come from everything that surrounds us. Sometimes I'm provoked by very ordinary things that I see in different scales and contexts. The themes in art and design circulate and the contribution of each artist is how he will rethink a particular subject, what will be their visual and material message.
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