Sophia Dias

Sophia Dias is an artist and fashion designer from São Paulo, Brazil. Her Homs Arthaus brand, that she runs with Frederik Vincentz, is an attempt to incorporate art within the individual who becomes the central point of their pieces, thus challenging the old patterns of mentality, political position, and society. The illustrations that grace the fabrics of the Homs Arthaus menswear clothing line are so intricate and finely textured that they make you feel like you can dive into these ethereal worlds that Sophia has created.


With a background in fashion design and award winner in 2018 at the "A Design Award" in Italy, Sophia Dias combines art, design, and fashion. With exhibitions of her work at the MUDE Museum of Fashion and Design, Lisbon and Pop Brixton, London


The artists: Win Wenders, Frida Khalo, Pina Bausch, John Lennon are my greatest inspirations, because they made possible different perspectives of life making a great impact on society, their vision was so striking that it created possibilities for the new generations, not only to explore as individuals and create art as a result of their own research, but clarify their position to the world as peacemakers, politicians, feminists, introducing themselves to the physical and psychological knowledge of art and incorporating different perspectives of different cultures, not discriminating their background.

Staple works of art

The performance of Anish Kapoor "Shooting in the Corner", the exhibition "A place in the shadows to work and think", which combined the most important works of Jan Fabre's career as an artist, videomaker and choreographer and the Matsukaze opera that combines work from choreographer Sasha Waltz and composer Toshio Hosokawa.

Tell us about a duende moment you have experienced

Experiencing the exhibition of Yayoi Kusama in Tate Modern.

Is there anything you don’t like in the world of art?

My criticism of art is that generally, art is more compatible with science and technology, but never with magic because magic is a category which is underestimated in the modern times, considered inadequate because it was formerly associated with religion.

"This is the reason why my work is really related to magic, art and the creation of different environments."


Favourite work of yours?

My favourite work is an installation that was inspired by the topography of mountains. It covered a twelve square meters wall. I love it because I was able to create an ambiance that confronts reality.

Installation by Sophia Dias at Pop Brixton, London

What’s your position on copying in the arts?

Everything that we possess, see and feel becomes data, everything being data becomes accessible to all, this accessibility creates a lack of ownership, even that I repulse copy of artworks, I can't discriminate them when everything is an image (as a copy of reality) and the society lacks to give value to the process of creation.

If you weren’t doing art, what were you going to do?

I would have followed a career in contemporary dance or geopolitics.

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