Apartment Therapy

We know you love to stay at home.

by Mila Mihailova

Sometimes we simply need to slow down. The best way to do it to sit back & relax. And the best place to do it is usually at home.

We strongly believe that our homes are an extension of what we are & everything we surround ourselves with reflects on our everyday life & mood.


Some people know pretty well how to take advantage of their own company and how to take care of their own comfort.

Inspired by those people (and to be completely honest, most of us share this life philosophy), we decided to help you find some authentic and yet helpful designer items who will turn your home into your most favourite place on Earth.


The first most important aspect to the concept of the perfect home is that it reflects who we really are and what we really love. If you are a foodie then you probably are familiar with the soul-satisfying feeling of having easy going items suitable for everyday use.

А selection of tableware designs, just right for you:




You are the curator of your own art wall. Get creative with it!

There is nothing wrong or scary in mixing styles & patterns. Furthermore, wall art is so easy to curate - you can have your own private collection and expose different pieces depending on the season or even in your current mood.

And because it is in the middle of a fierce winter where we are right now, we strongly suggest you take a closer look at the “Trio” print by Alexander Stanishev:





At this point, we can't even imagine a living space with no plants.

These wonderful greens somehow manage to make us feel better every single day, simply by looking at them. Not only do they re-energize our homes & brighten up the interior… but if we are lucky enough, they might even bloom from time to time.

So, plant lovers, take a look at what we have prepared for you:




Some of us spent most of our time at home wearing our pyjamas… but it does not mean that our living room shouldn’t be stylish. Right? ;)

Comfortable, yet sophisticated, these magical cushions by Yassen Panov will brighten up your living room and transform it into a real-life fairytale.



If you still haven’t got enough inspiration, these eye-candies will probably do the work:



Photo credit:

Maria Orlova via Unsplash

Mihaela Belichovska

Antonia Baramova

Andre Benz via Unsplash