Christmas Between Design and Tradition

A collection of some of our favourite interior design objects & handcrafted jewellery in hopes of inspiring your creativity and helping you find the perfect gift.

by Mila Mihailova

We are no strangers to the chaos in your head when it comes to Christmas time.

We know that finding a gift for your friends, family or even for yourself and your home, can be a tough one.

And now that holiday season is upon us, we’ve collected some of our favourite interior design objects & handcrafted jewellery in hopes of inspiring your creativity and helping you find the perfect one.

Sit back and enjoy:

These silver earrings are a pure delight to look at and a great Christmas present for passionate jewellery lovers. Made of silver, they are part of the “Bioobjects” collection by Victor Pavlov.

Credit: Matthew Rolston

Find more details and shop here:

Here we have another stunning piece of art - the “Connection with Nature” Necklace by Victor Pavlov. It allows versatile styling and will always keep you closer to the earth.

 Credit: Matthew Rolston

Take a closer look at all the designs from the “Connection with Nature” series:

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, this artwork by Andrea Popyordanova will transform your living room into a winter fairytale.

In the picture, you can see it combined with the handcrafted porcelain bowls by Silvia Chaneva and the porcelain Dove sculpture by Yassen Panov.

All available in our Shop section.

More delights for the jewellery lovers. One can never have enough.

We are simply in love with this silver necklace by Nikolay Sardamov. You can easily make a set by combining it with the Intersecting Black Ring


Get inspired:


Is it time for dinner yet?

Let’s see what we have on the table…by starting with the table itself.

We are proud to present this authentic wooden piece of art - The Walnut Dining Table by OurHood. Handcrafted to perfection it will bring warmth & cosiness to your home.


Our table set features the minimalistic Black & Yellow bowl by Silvia Chaneva, the Salt & Pepper set by tochka & tochka and the Walnut Cutting Board by OurHood.

Take a closer look at them in our shop:

The happiest times are always the ones spent with the loved ones. They get even happier when pizza is involved. Even more with this unique ceramic plate by tableware designer Vera Gezenko.

The Pizza Plate is the perfect surprise for both design & pizza lovers.

Say hello to this little, handcrafted treasure. It is called “The Mini Dotted Bowl” and it is simply a must-have item if you have a crush on porcelain objects. Like us.


Get inspired:

And last, but not least - the Dinosaur bowl by  Т Е З Г Я Х.


A true monster when it comes to handcrafted objects, this bowl can be used to serve a delicious salad or as a place for your mini succulent garden. However, we are sure that it will become a favourite home pet.

Have a Be Duende Christmas everyone!

Photo credit: Antonia Baramova