Dreams are made of porcelain

Enter the fantasy world of three contemporary tableware designers skilfully combining functionality and beauty.

by Be Duende

Let’s face it - we all love giving our homes a little refresh before the change of seasons.

March is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare for the upcoming spring than by bringing some new exciting items into your home?

Stylish and versatile, these exceptional items are designed and crafted by skilled contemporary artisans who always work with the idea of mindful & sustainable living in mind.

The hand-crafted mugs, inordinate vases, porcelain bowls of all sizes and the unique ceramic plates you will find here can be easily mixed up with your current tableware or home accessories.

Of course, no matter what you decide to use them for, they will always make a good display.

A tip from us: don’t ever be afraid to experiment with flower arrangements! You don’t really have to be a decoration expert to come up with beautiful stylings. Make sure you have some fresh blooms and a proper vase (or bowl) to put them in. And remember: “Fantasy is one of the soul's brighter porcelains.”


Dreamy and moody, with a futuristic twist and hand-crafted to perfection, this playful vase is beyond beautiful. With clean lines, minimalistic design and unusual shape, it is the perfect accessory for every room and it will surely nourish the eye of the design lovers.

Whatever the weather, these charming porcelain mugs and cups by Vera Gezenko will always be there to elevate the moment. You can use them for your big morning coffee, as well as for some delicious afternoon tea, or for a hot cup of chocolate on a Sunday afternoon…



Inviting nature into your home is not always about growing or having plants in it. The ideal tableware can also raise a natural atmosphere. Vera Gezenko produces practical, a bit rustic and meanwhile super stylish tableware with a natural, earthy feel and soft colours that mimic nature.

For us, there is nothing more soothing or calming than adding an earthy touch to your living space.



However, one should never forget that proper tableware should highlight the beauty of the food, it should complement the meal, from form to size, colour, and material, it should represent its qualities at their best.

These eclectic plates by tochka & tochka will offer an entirely new perception of the food served. Although, we are pretty sure that the elegant beauty of these dishes speaks enough.

Combining functionality with beauty, Silvia Cheneva’s other-worldly porcelain bowls allow versatile use and styling.


This stunning centrepiece bowl (see above) sets a whole stage and can be used for special occasions. You will surely make an impression with minimal effort if you simply have this chef-d'oeuvre on your dining table.

Alternatively, if you are the kind of person who is always seeking for unusual objects, you can use them as a mini succulent garden.

We all know by now that there is no need to own a complete set of something to create a beautiful collection. And we have always believed that mixing & matching different styles, shapes or patterns is a fun way for each one of us to express their own personality and creativity.


Artists featured:

Vera Gezenko

Tochka & tochka

Silvia Chaneva