Rediscovering a legend - Hans Feurer

The beauty of the female body through the lens of Hans Feurer

by Be Duende

Hans Feurer has been a leading name in the universe of fashion photography since the early 1960’s. His main interest is the beauty of the female body and his fantastic visual creations have influenced generations of young photographers.

Detail, symterics, contrasts and erotics are often present in his work, which can be explained by the fact that before embarking on a career in photography, Feurer has worked as a graphic designer and art director in several advertising agencies in London. One of his most popular campaigns is the one for Kenzo back in the 1980’s, which immortalized the supermodel Iman and secured her a status of an fashion icon.

In 2013 he publishes his first photography book, which ended up being the subject of an amazing exhibition at the famous Parisian concept store Colette. Today he is definitely one of the most effectively marketed photographers of his time and has produced imagery for some of the most high-profile fashion publications as Vogue & ELLE.

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