Inktober Favourites

Inktober has just finished and we are sad but we are also excited to show you some of our favourite artists and illustrations that took part.

by Mila Mihailova

The INKTOBER rules are simple - make a drawing in ink & share it with the world. Some artists follow the official prompts, others create their own. However, we are delighted to present five artists who caught our eye.

Every October, since 2009, artists from all over the world take on the ambitious INKTOBER challenge. This October we decided to take a closer look at it. 31 days. 31 drawings.


Iva Dimitrova / @ivadimitrova_

Iva has followed the official Inktober prompts. And for us, following Iva was a journey on its own. Her charming otherworldly illustrations are so full of life and emotion, that choosing only 3 was, unexpectedly, a very difficult task. Each one of them tells a magical story and everyone is welcome to dive in.


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Borislava Willnevermadeit / @borislavawillnevermadeit

This is the first time Borislava has taken on the Inktober challenge. Unlike others, Borislava created her own prompt - she decided to reproduce artworks by her most favourite artists. At first, she started with Bulgarian ones, but later on, her selection went worldwide.

She has used a strict colour palette in all of her works and, without a doubt, each and every one of them looks incredible.


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Sha’an d'Anthes / @furrylittlepeach

Australian artist’s Sha’an d'Anthes works have always carried this incredibly soft touch of innocent childish naivety, that we can’t help but fall in love with.  This year she has created her own prompts and she has used a brown colour palette in all of her tiny playful illustrations which most of the times show a non-human creature or an object carrying a smile.

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Jose Manzanaro / @josemanzanaro

MODIGLIANI inspired portraits

To be completely honest, we just recently discovered @josemanzanaro, but we can’t be more happy about it. The illustrator has decided to go with Modigliani inspired portraits. The results are simply magnificent. Enjoy:

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Miranda Zimmerman / @faunwood

“You have to be pretty enlightened to be okay with this.”

Our last Inktober pick is Miranda Zimmerman and her bizarre looking but extremely charming “Faun-Creatures”.

With a background in Evolutionary Biology and Science illustration (!), Miranda has created a beautiful fairytale universe of her own by exploring the thin line between reality and fiction.

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And while you are in the mood, check out some illustrations by Andrea Popyordanova in our shop: