Paid Actor: The Antagonist in the Fashion Industry

In the latest editorial for the fashion brand Paid Actor, the streets of Sofia have become a natural runway.


Paid Actor is a fashion based project of wearable sculptures created by multidisciplinary artist Dessislava Terzieva. A direct extension of her fine art practice, the conceptually led clothing line is made entirely of preexisting garments and found fabrics and materials. The taking of old, discarded and forgotten objects, and transforming them into desired objects of individual beauty is at the heart of this project.

This new collection has been created in the artist’s hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria. Fabrics and adornments from three generations of women in her family can be found throughout, alongside visual artwork by the artist herself.

The fashion industry is the second dirtiest in the world after oil - fast fashion, mass production and the following of trends leads to landfills overflowing with unwanted clothing. *Paid Actor exists in opposition to this and creates one of a kind pieces of wearable art. Clothing is used as a source for communication, spreading of knowledge, and telling of personal tales.

This latest collection was created in Sofia using pre-existing garments sourced around the city and hand-me-down fabrics from 3 generations of women in the artist's family. The process is as spontaneous and intuitive as the gathering process of the materials being used - she reacts to what is in front of her and allows things to evolve organically.

The featured editorial was photographed in the centre of Sofia, with the assistance of her friend and stylist Anna Maria Hadzhistoyanova, and her partner James Oscar Lee. "We decided to take a casual stroll around the city, allowing it to serve a natural runway for the clothing to be displayed in. I am inspired by the Situationist movement of the 60's and enjoy seeing people interact with a mild disruption to their day to day life and environment," Dessislava shares.


Photography: Dessislava Terzieva

Model: Siyana Shishkova