CLUSTER: More than a fair

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be taking part in this year's edition of Cluster Craft Fair in London which will be running 1-5 May.

by Mila Mihailova

Dedicated to empowering creative talents, CLUSTER Crafts Fair is an east London pop-up shop showcasing an eclectic selection of all forms of artistic works.

CLUSTER supports fresh and emerging designers & artists who are not afraid to be active, innovative and different. It is a platform for taking a unique approach towards exhibiting and experiencing the creative arts by bringing together a range of styles and imaginative individuals into an intimate and collective setting.

Their diversity in approach and makeup is what sets CLUSTER apart from the rest. It is in the platform’s nature to be different because it has the vision to shine a light on different artistic disciplines and as a result illuminate their possible combinations of beauty, in form, presence, and meaning.

CLUSTER in conjunction with its sister company the 1963 Gallery London will commence a fantastic journey in early May at the historic building managed by Ugly Duck collective.

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Be Duende at Cluster Crafts Fair

Our team is joining CLUSTER Crafts Fair with part of our jewellery and ceramics portfolio.

We will have items from Nikolay Sardamov who always pushes the boundaries in his jewellery in terms of form and material. We will exhibit his The Secret of the Garden collection in reference to CLUSTER's current theme: metamorphosis.

We will also bring objects from Simo Shomov, part of which will be exhibited for the first time at CLUSTER. Victor Pavlov, jeweller, and Silvia Chaneva, ceramist, will take part with designs celebrating nature and its natural forms. We will also showcase some minimalistic contemporary tableware items in the face of Vera Gezenko and tochka & tochka design studio.



CLUSTER is more than an exhibition or an art fair.

As it is already in the process of laying the framework to support a global community of artists and industry professionals alike. Their aim is to encourage the initiation of collaborations, conversations, projects and most importantly, to fuse these ideas together into something tangible by providing as much as guidance and opportunity as they can to all artists out there.

See you there!