How Conscious Interior Design and Local Artists Can Help for a Sustainable Future?

Three interior designers created a platform with a focus on ecological sustainability and stimulation of local production towards a better world.

by Designitsa



Designitsa is a platform for interior design, creative ideas, and inspiration, all through the eyes of our own understanding, worldview, personal search, and experience. Our ideology is based upon a few fundamental principles. In short – clean lines, sustainable approach and use of ecological, local materials, as well as the incorporation of local culture, art, and tradition. Our main purpose is to understand the customer and their needs because the home we design should not only be a reflection of ourselves but of the person who will live there.

The interior direction can increase our creativity, serenity and empower our emotional understanding of the surrounding world.

We – Victoria, Marieta, and Pavlina, being architects and designers, are inspired by a sustainable and healthy way of living. Our main purpose is to reimagine our way of life and the spaces we inhabit. To get away from stereotypes and shape our home in such a way that it serves us functionally, as well as to promote harmony in our life. The home is a place, which should charge us with energy and be a small oasis in the context of the urban jungle.

Have you thought about what makes us feel comfortable in a home? The most important thing is to know what we need – to work, to relax, to get energised or to party? Every person is different and his home should be individually designed for their needs, so that they feel in the right place. This is why we aim to design homes which reflect every individual’s way of life, worldview, needs, and preferences. With minimal changes, we try to maximise the benefits, tailored to the individual.

Design is very important for our surroundings because art and design charge us emotionally and empowers our individuality. This is what led us to Be Duende.

We praise minimalism and sustainability. This is why we aim to incorporate this philosophy into everything we do. We try to create a sustainable space with care for the environment and daily life.

Nowadays we face problems caused by our actions of overconsumption which have a negative impact on our planet and local production. This is our cross point with Be Duende. We take these issues into consideration and embrace local artists, products, and traditions. We strive to develop inspiring and energizing projects around key elements in our composition, such as those from the Be Duende selection. We are a perfect match in terms of style movements, as our favourite ones are Wabi-Sabi minimalism, Scandenese (a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese design), and Jungalow. This is the foundation of our collaboration – we selected products which are the perfect fit for two of our major projects. The result is a definite confirmation of a great fit.

Our Scandenese apartment with Scandinavian and Japanese influence is designed for permanent residence.

Moreover, typical of Scandanese design is the sophisticated lines, the use of natural materials and colours, elements of Scandinavian and Japanese tradition, eastern and northern styles, combined with minimalistic ideology.

The conceptual line is based on the preferences of the customer and the current trends he picked up during his traveling journeys around the world.

This decision is a conscious choice based on a minimalistic design consisting of multiple groups of elements, which act independently. Each group has its own center, which is the foundation of the composition.

The apartment is designed in a way which allows the customer to find the perfect spot for the memories he collected from his trips.

As each group refers to a particular place, journey or experience, the interior becomes charging and inspiring for new adventures. Each group is mobile and can change its spot – this turns the apartment into an adventure itself.

An adventure which reflects the needs and character of the client. The selected Be Duende products are in the same style – there is clear overlap with the idea behind this interior design.

The second apartment is eclectic and reflects the Jungalow style with Mid-century and Wabi-Sabi elements. The Jungalow style is based on the use of natural materials, vibrant colours, bold patterns, a recreation of wildlife, with eclectic furniture and decorations. The true combination of tropical and bohemian, retro and cozy! The studio is designed so that it can be rented out for short periods of time.

The owners are fond of the Bohemian lifestyle, and at the same time they love the touch of nature and try to bring it into their home. This design solution aims a close touch with the customer’s views and styles, while at the same time the natural elements overlap with the tropical background due to the lack of permanent residence. The foundations of the project are the owners’ favourite furniture, which gives a Mid-century feeling. The furniture is restored and ready for new life.

The composition is built around owners’ favourite frame which was broken and we fixed by using Wabi-Sabi style. The selected Be Duende products are a perfect fit for our project and the styles we have used.


In conclusion, the selected products from Be Duende give a new, unique and inspiring feel to our projects. They bring a delicate touch of artistry and inspiration which isn’t easy to find these days. The spirit of the apartment with personal creativity and touch brings us to a new form of cosiness. We think that these products cannot be classified either in style or colour, because they, like our designs and customers, are strictly individual and bring an entirely different experience.