Get to know us

and what we stand for.

by Be Duende

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a small group of enthusiasts and inspiration seekers, based in the booming city of Sofia, Bulgaria. We curate an online shop and gallery for contemporary design and art.

Through this platform, we sell timeless objects from high-end jewellery, fashion accessories, authentic tableware, handcrafted furniture to original illustration and photography prints.

We are passionate about design and we look for the aesthetics of authenticity

From the very beginning, our main goal was to discover independent creators and unite their work in one virtual space, open to the world. A couple of years in, our curiosity about authentic design has only grown bigger and our motivation to put it out to the world is stronger than before.

We believe in the idea that a good retailer should empower individuality. That is why we put a lot of effort into discovering and presenting exceptional items that cater to those who want to stand out and just like us feel that buzz when coming across beautifully designed things.


We love to see how things are made

Going behind the scenes with our artists and designers and taking a closer look at the way they work is a pleasure like no other. Entering their enchanting worlds, full of freedom, inspiration, and creativity, allows us to connect with them and be aware of the effort that goes into the process of production.


We get to know the artists and the inspiration behind their works

We carefully present them and their artworks via a series of interviews, editorials, product & behind the scenes shots. Each and every one of them creates timeless pieces who stand the test of time and incorporate their own individuality and perspective. And, as one can easily see, their professional attitude is manifested in the completeness of their unique designs.

Supporting, curating and promoting independent creatives by spreading their story is our way to reach out and find like-minded inspired beings, who have a special something for objects, embodying that extraordinary duende feeling we will always strive for.


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