The Art of Jewellery-Making through the Hands of Five Designers

Take a look at five very different jewellers that have something in common - obsession with the attention to detail and unbounded creativity.

by Antonia Baramova

They say that your jewellery introduces you before you even speak and we are left with nothing else than to absolutely confirm these words and to leave the little beauties on our website speak for us. But we can't ignore the people who created them so in the next few lines we are showing you a bit of the cosmic world of the incredible jewellers we have presented in our shop. If you wish to read further about each one of them you can do that on their own pages in the artists and designers section on our website.




In short. Sexy, provocative, inventive and bold. In detail, she is an interesting artist with a peculiar sense of creativity who plays with fantasies. The light roughness of the leather is in particular contrast with the fine forms and gentleness of the skin, as well as with other materials such as silk or wool.

Although Zora's ideas might seem to be a little bit too unconventional, only the truly trained eye can spot their place in the style of the everyday and subvert them in a wild array of combinations and outfits. No matter with what you combine them, all of her designs are unique but also remain recognisable. 











Undoubtedly, one of the most renowned jewellers who never fails to surprise and always exceeds the expectations. It seems Sardamov is never devoid of inspiration or at least he masks it very well. And to his audience it is always inspiring just to look at his artworks - yes, his jewellery is a piece of art. By wearing it, it will speak for itself but it will also speak of you, leaving everyone else speechless.

Raw or delicate, Sardamov's pieces are always the highlight that you cannot mistake. His unique style and the absolute attention to detail have elevated him to the international jewellery scene. There is almost no city in Europe that he has not exhibited in and his pieces are seen by many as collectible artworks.



For the romantic idealists, for the those who love fairytales, for the storytellers, and for those who always listen to their hearts. These are motifs that you will find in the jewellery of Simeon Shomov. They express and display love and romance, that's why they are the perfect gift for the people that leave you speechless and breathless.

The fantasy and the inspiration which erupt from the talent of Shomov have earned him a loyal audience, part of which we have also become. If you like fairytales and believe that jewellers are wizards who transform silver and gold into multi-layered worlds and universes, we are sure you will too.  



For over 40 years, Ramjuly's jewellery has been a manifestation of style, elegance, creativity, and self-expression. Unsurprisingly, Antoaneta materialised a dream and curated her obsession artworks in a gallery in the centre of Sofia. Don't worry if you can't visit! We have endeavoured to collect and present some of her most emblematic work from two collections which to this day can be spotted in galleries and gracing people's bodies all around the world. We are sure that she will continue to surprise and impress because her inspiration and energy, the principal generator for her artistry, is unbounded and incomparable. 











The distinguished character of Victor Pavlov's jewellery, the interesting forms, and inexhaustible ideas are his recipe for success via which he was able to become one of the most recognised jewellers. 

We are happy that there are many happy customers who wear his artworks. And we are always ready to cater to your happiness because there is no unsuitable moment to make yourself or someone you love smile.




ZORA ROMANSKA - Borislav Yosifov

NIKOLAY SARDAMOV - Vencislava Vasileva & Asen Emilov

SIMEON SHOMOV - Alina Aliman | Antonia Baramova

ANTOANETA RAMJULY - Antonia Baramova

VICTOR PAVLOV - Mihaela Belichovka | Antonia Baramova